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BIM at Technical BIM Studio

Technical BIM Studio Is Your Expert In Developing Accurate BIM Model at All Level Of Developments and at any stage of the design and build processes.

BIM Services

Are you struggling to implement BIM process into your office workflow? We are here to take the struggle away.

Building Information Modelling will play a huge part on how we design, construct and build in the future.

We have a team of professional that have used BIM and have implemented the BIM process on various projects. There is a misconception that BIM is only for architects and can only be used on mega projects, BIM is relevant to everyone involved in the built environment and can be implemented across all sectors regardless of the size of company or project.

The wider benefits of BIM can be gained by all professionals in the built environment including architects, engineers, surveyors, clients, contractors and facility managers. BIM should be seen as an opportunity for growth for your business while keeping up with the technological advances that are shaping the way we work.

We are your expert partner in BIM, we are dedicated to helping small and medium sized company to climb on the BIM ladder, we have the right people, understand the process and how the technology works. We will always give you the support to ensure you get the result you want.

We offer a range of services including:

  • BIM Implementation
  • Software Training
  • BIM Contents Creation
  • BIM modelling at all level of development and detail
  • BIM drawing Documentations

Why should you invest in BIM?

  • Overall better construction projects
  • Reduce Rework and overall project duration
  • increased profit and reduced construction cost
  • Reduce errors and omissions in construction documents
  • BIM can help clients visualise the evolution of their asset from design to operation.
  • Increased productivity through each key stage minimises rework and potential conflicts between consultants in design, construction and operation.
  • Enhance understanding of design and improved coordination
  • Clash identification and early resolution which reduces issues in the field the common data environment shared through a BIM digital model.
  • It highlights any clash detection in design and reduces significant changes during the construction stage.
  • BIM supports a greater strategy in sustainability. In the early stages, an environmental analysis can be undertaken to explore the building orientation, impact on the neighbourhood, energy use and daylight.