Bridging the Gap Between Digital & Reality

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Laser Scanning & BIM Benefits for Retrofitting and Conservation Works

BIM & laser scanning benefits for retrofitting and conservation work Evidence have shown that for the UK Government to meet the target of 80% reduction in green house gas emission by 2050, approximately 28 million existing buildings have to be retrofitted. This poses a challenge on the construction industry as we do not only need [...]

Back to Basics: Back to “BIM”

Back to Basics: Back to “BIM” I believe the acronym “BIM” is not new anymore for professionals in the building industry. However, there are still some misconceptions about what BIM really is. This is not a surprise because there has been a huge amount of constant information about BIM that keeps popping up on our [...]

Bridging the gap between “Real World” and “Virtual World”

Bridging the gap between Real world and Virtual world Latest technologies are revolutionising the way we plan, design, manage and build in the construction industry. Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are increasingly intersecting with our physical world and are becoming the mainstream across many areas of our everyday life. Surely these technologies provide […]

The Best BIM Software on the Market

The best BIM software on the Market Stuck with that inevitable big decision? here are some tips that could help you The process of shifting form CAD to BIM comes along with some decisions and one of them is a necessity as a matter of fact it is inevitable. As there is a few dozens [...]

BIM Business Culture

BIM Business Culture=Change It is apparent that BIM will become the normal working process in the future; evidence has shown current benefits of BIM and even more opportunities it may bring in the future. But how do we embrace BIM? ,there are no two answers to that question; the only answer is “CHANGE”. I often [...]

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